The Long Anticipated Newton MV2

Not since the Merrel Trail Glove have I been this excited about the release of a shoe. Danny Abshire, founder of Newton Running Shoes, and author of Natural Running has taken a large stride in the right direction. Newton has a vision unlike any other shoe manufacturer I know of. Newton aims to make a true zero drop shoe, not by lowering the heel, but by raising the forefoot.  With the new Newton MV2, Newton has edged more towards a minimalist shoe by creating a zero drop shoe with a reduced heel height. The only thing I can immediately tell that this shoe is lacking is a wide toe-box. Unlike the Merrell Trail Glove or the New Balance Minimus, the Newton MV2 does not allow the toes to properly splay when running. Along with general discomfort while running this also causes blisters to form between toes, and is ultimately impedes upon the natural running stride that one would expect from the author of Natural Running.

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