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Congratulations on your first step towards better running.

Step 1.

Set a goal.

Fill out our runner questionaire and let us know your running and exercise history, current fitness level and running goals. 

Step 2.

Choose a plan.

Select the plan that best represents your commitment level. 

Step 3. 

Get matched with an Expert Running Coach.

After looking over your runner profile you will be matched with the coach that can best get you to your goal. For Runners Club members your coach will contact you with how to access your training log. For those that sign up for personal coaching your coach will contact you with for a one-on-one video chat to further discuss your goals.

Step 4.

Train like you mean it.

Your coach will guide you through the work that needs to be done, but only the athlete can do the work, but we don't need to tell you that. Mediocre runners train mediocre. Great runners must train like great runners.