Dipsea Preseason Training - Building a base

With Dipsea training season fast approaching the days to prepare for the rigors of the upcoming training season are dwindling. Preseason training will raise your base level of fitness to provide a better jumping off point for the more rigorous and race specific training that athletes will face during the regular training season.

Below are the general pre-season training guidelines for Pinnacle Running Dipsea Training Team. These guidelines will also work for other runners that have stumbled upon this information also, but athletes should consider their own goals and ability level and scale up, or scale back preseason training accordingly.

Athletes participating in other sports or rigorous physical activity should consider the time participating in those other sports as “running time” for the purposes of of preseason training and not add a full load of running on top of their current sports schedule. For example, kids playing lacrosse or soccer 3-4 days per week will likely already have a great athletic base coming into the training season without the need for additional running.

For those that do not consider themselves to already have an athletic base, you can build the base in a linear fashion by adding additional training days in set intervals. For example, if you already feel comfortable running 3 days per week, add an additional running day the first week, then add another additional running day two weeks later so that you are running 5x per week.

Teen and Adult Athletes

Beginner - Build to 4 times per week running/walking 45 minutes at a conversational pace .

Intermediate - Build to 5 times per week running 1 hour at a conversational pace.

Advanced - Build to 6 times per week running 1 hour at a conversational pace.

Youth Athletes ( Ages 8-14)

Beginners - Build to 3 times per week running/walking 45 min at a conversational pace.

Intermediate and Advanced - Build to 4 times per week running 1 hour at a conversational pace.

*Use the Pinnacle Running Training Zone chart below to determine if you are training at the right effort.

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 11.25.41 AM.png