Trail Running Video Form Analysis

1. Sign up for Coaching. 

Video Stride Analysis is available all Pinnacle Running Athletes. This service is included in all full coaching packages and is available for Pinnacle Run Club Members for an additional fee.

2. Record video of running stride

Recording a video can be done with any recording device. For ease of upload we recomend using a mobile phone.

Make sure you have a running area of reletively flat ground, and that your image is not being flushed out by the sun.

For best results wear form-fitting clothes and tuck shirt into your shorts so the waistband is visible.

Keeping the camera in a static position, take short video clips of your stride from each of the following angles:

  • Left side view
  • Right Side view
  • Rear View
  • Front View

Each clip should have clearly visible 6-10 strides.

3. Upload your Videos

After you have recorded your videos make sure that the files are no larger than 1gb, and upload them here.