Mountain Running Mount Shasta with Jack Finn

Last week Pinnacle Running Head Coach Levi Webb headed out to run up Mount Shasta with Ultra Runner Jack Finn. Here is the report.

Mountain Running Mount Shasta
Mountain Running Mount Shasta

In preparation for the 2014 Headlands 50k in Marin County, California, I set out on a weekend adventure with Ultra-Runner Jack (John) Finn. 

Mountain Running Goal:

Climb Mount Shasta as quickly as possible.

The Mountain:

Mount Shasta is a volcano prominently towering over nearby mountains in Northern California. At a formidable 14,180 ft Mount Shasta is California's 5th highest mountain,

The Route:

To avoid snow covered slopes and dangerous rockfall we settled on the Clear Creek Route.

Total Time: 6:47 Moving Time: 3:47 Approx Elevation Change: 7,700 ft Approx distance: 12.5 miles