Smartwool PhD Running Ultra Light Micro Review

What SmartWool has to Say: Our ultra light cushioned PhD Running Ultra Light Micro is great for mild weather and shorter distances, without the tan line. Thanks to WOW technology in high density impact zones, shock and abrasion are reduced.

Cost: $12.95

Socks or no Socks When Running

Many people have asked my whether they should wear socks with their new minimalist shoes. Having experimented with and without socks, I can definitively say that with socks is the way to go. Socks not only minimize hot spots that may rub blisters on your feet, but more importantly socks are key in controlling foot odor. No socks may seem like a good idea for awhile, but after a while the stench of your shoes may cause you to lose friends.

SmartWool PhD Ultra Light Micro

This is the first sock I have worn that is worthy of its own review. What sets SmartWool apart from all the other socks out there? Most socks are made from cotton, SmartWool is made from wool. The wool obsorbs less moisture, better regulates temperature, and battles foot odor better than its cotton counterpart.

Fit and Comfort

The SmartWool PhD Ultra Light Micro is very thin, very light, with a snug fit, perfect for minimalist running. If not for the fact that your feet were more dry and less stinky, with the low cut sleek design, you could easily forget you were wearing socks at all.

Will It Shrink?

No. In the past wool created a problem with shrinking. Your socks would go into the wash a size 12 and come back out a size four. SmartWool seems to have solved this problem. After many washes, my SmartWool PhD Ultra Light Micro fit just as comfy as the first time I wore them. The Ultra Light Micro also contains a small percentage of spandex which keeps the socks from stretching and keeps a snug fit on your foot.

Stinky Feet Under Control

I was challenged to smell my SmartWool after I had worn them on a long run,  wierd I know, but I was up for the challenge, and I was impressed by the lack of odor. According to the tech rep this is a natural feature of wool.

Temperature Regulation?

Before there was Gor-Tex there was wool. Wool is the original cold weather gear. Living in the Bay Area with very moderate temperatures I cannot speak for the temperature regulating abilities of the SmartWool PhD Ultra Light Micro. This is a very thin very light sock, for better temperature regulation you might consider thicker SmartWool socks.

The Verdict

Though admittedly expensive as far as socks go, I am a fan of the SmartWool PhD Running Ultra Light Micro.   The odor control and comfort is unmatched. They keep my feet dry and don't hold water should I go running in the rain. I would definitely recommend this sock.

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