At Pinnacle Running we run because we love it.
We share our love of running because we want you to love running too. We know the best way to love running is to do it well.

There are lots of ways to train, and most of them are right. Our approach to improving a runners performance is to first make sure they love the process. after that, we focus on improvement of running economy, aerobic development, and injury prevention. 

At Pinnacle Running we build better runners. 

Meet the Coach

Pinnacle Running founder and Head Running Coach Levi Webb is an avid runner for 20 years. Though Levi mostly runs simply for the love of it, he has competed both locally and at the national level over the years. Levi's running career began with an interest in the 800m, but more recently Levi has dedicated the majority of his training toward trail running ultramarathons.

Levi has been helping runners hit new PRs for over 10 years. In that time, Levi has coached hundreds of athletes from beginners looking to run their first 5k to elite level athletes competing in distances from 800m to ultramarathon distances. Levi has worked with children as young as age five and senior level runners as old as 82.

Levi has been sharing his love and knowledge of running online since 2010.

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